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  • Job 23:1-9

    Grant me a trial

    23 Job answered:

    Today my complaint is again bitter;
        my strength is weighed down because of my groaning.
    Oh, that I could know how to find him—
        come to his dwelling place;
        I would lay out my case before him,
            fill my mouth with arguments,
        know the words with which he would answer,
            understand what he would say to me.
    Would he contend with me through brute force?
        No, he would surely listen to me.
    There those who do the right thing can argue with him;
        I could escape from my judge forever.

    God’s hiddenness

    Look, I go east; he’s not there,
        west, and don’t discover him;
        north in his activity, and I don’t grasp him;
        he turns south, and I don’t see.

  • Job 23:16-17

    16 God has weakened my mind;
        the Almighty has frightened me.
    17 Still I’m not annihilated by darkness;
        he has hidden deep darkness from me.