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  • Job 36

    Reason for continuing

    36 Continuing, Elihu said,

    Wait a little while so I can demonstrate for you
        that there is still something more to say about God.
    I will draw from my broad knowledge,
        attribute justice to my maker.
    My words are certainly truthful;
        one with total knowledge is present with you.

    Divine discipline

    Look, God is mighty and doesn’t reject anyone;
        he is mighty in strength and mind.
    He doesn’t let the wicked live,
        but grants justice to the poor.
    He doesn’t avert his eyes from the righteous;
        he seats kings on thrones forever,
            and they are lifted up.
    If they are tied with ropes,
            caught in cords of affliction,
        he informs them about their offenses
            and their grave sins.
    10 He opens their ears with discipline
        and commands them to turn from wrong.
    11 If they listen and serve,
        they spend their days in plenty,
        their years contentedly.
    12 But if they don’t listen,
        they perish by the sword,
        breathe their last without understanding.
    13 Those with impious hearts become furious;
        they don’t cry out even though he binds them.
    14 They die young;
        they are among the holy ones.
    15 He saves the weak in their affliction,
        opens their ears through oppression.
    16 Surely he draws you up from the brink of trouble
        to a wide place without distress;
        your table is set with rich food.
    17 You are overly concerned about the case of the wicked;
        justice will be upheld in it.
    18 Don’t let them lure you with wealth;
        don’t let a huge bribe mislead you.
    19 Will he arrange your rescue from distress
        or from all your exertions of strength?
    20 Don’t wish for the night
        when people vanish from their place.
    21 Take care; don’t turn to evil
        because you’ve chosen it over affliction.
    22 Look, God is inaccessible due to his power;
        who is a teacher like him?
    23 Who has repaid him for his action,
        and who would ever say, “You’ve done wrong”?
    24 Remember to praise his work
        that all of us have seen.
    25 Every person has seen him;
        people can observe at great distance.

    God’s control of the storm

    26 Look, God is exalted and unknowable;
        the number of his years is beyond counting.
    27 He draws up drops of water
            that distill rain from his flood;
    28     the clouds pour moisture
            and drip continually on humans.
    29 Even if one perceives a spreading cloud
            and the thunder of his pavilion,
    30     look how he spreads lightning across it
            and covers the seabed;
    31     for by water he judges peoples
            and gives food in abundance.
    32 He conceals lightning in his palms
        and orders it to its target.
    33 His thunder announces it;
        even cattle proclaim its rising.