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  • Psalm 34:1-8

    Psalm 34

    Of David, when he pretended to be crazy before Abimelech, who banished him so that he left.

    34 I will bless the Lord at all times;
        his praise will always be in my mouth.
    I praise the Lord
        let the suffering listen and rejoice.
    Magnify the Lord with me!
        Together let us lift his name up high!
    I sought the Lord and he answered me.
        He delivered me from all my fears.
    Those who look to God will shine;
        their faces are never ashamed.
    This suffering person cried out:
        the Lord listened and saved him from every trouble.
    On every side, the Lord’s messenger protects those who honor God; and he delivers them.
    Taste and see how good the Lord is!
        The one who takes refuge in him is truly happy!

  • Psalm 34:19-22

    19 The righteous have many problems,
        but the Lord delivers them from every one.
    20 He protects all their bones;
        not even one will be broken.
    21 But just one problem will kill the wicked,
        and those who hate the righteous will be held responsible.
    22 The Lord saves his servants’ lives;
        all those who take refuge in him
        won’t be held responsible for anything.