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  • Psalm 109

    Psalm 109

    To the leader. Of David. A psalm.

    109 God of my praise, don’t keep quiet,
        because the mouths of wicked liars
        have opened up against me,
        talking about me with lying tongues.
    Hateful words surround me;
        they attack me for no reason.
    Instead of returning my love, they accuse me—
        but I am at prayer.
    They repay me evil for good,
        hatred in return for my love.

    “Appoint a wicked person to be against this person,” they say,
        “an accuser to stand right next to him.
    When the sentence is passed, let him be found guilty—
        let his prayer be found sinful!
    Let his days be few;
        let someone else assume his position.
    Let his children become orphans;
        let his wife turn into a widow.
    10 Let his children wander aimlessly, begging,
        driven out of their ruined homes.
    11 Let a creditor seize everything he owns;
        let strangers plunder his wealth.
    12 Let no one extend faithful love to him;
        let no one have mercy on his orphans.
    13 Let his descendants be eliminated;
        let their names be wiped out in just one generation!
    14 Let his father’s wrongdoing be remembered before the Lord;
        let his mother’s sin never be wiped out.
    15 Let them be before the Lord always,
        and let God eliminate the very memory of them from the land.
    16 All because this person didn’t remember to demonstrate faithful love,
        but chased after the poor and needy—
        even the brokenhearted—with deadly intent!
    17 Since he loved to curse,
        let it come back on him!
    Since he didn’t care much for blessing,
        let it be far away from him!
    18 Since he wore curses like a coat,
        let them seep inside him like water,
        seep into his bones like oil!
    19 Let them be like the clothes he wears,
        like a belt that is always around him.”

    20 But let all that be the reward my accusers get from the Lord,
        the reward for those who speak evil against me!
    21 But you, Lord, my Lord!—
        act on my behalf for the sake of your name;
        deliver me because your faithful love is so good;
    22     because I am poor and needy,
        and my heart is broken.
    23 Like a lengthening shadow, I’m passing away;
        I’m shaken off, like some locust.
    24 My legs are weak from fasting;
        my body is skin and bones.
    25 I’ve become a joke to my accusers;
        when they see me, they just shake their heads.

    26 Help me, Lord my God!
        Save me according to your faithful love!
    27 And let them know that this is by your hand—
        that you have done it, Lord!
    28 Let them curse—but you, bless me!
        If they rise up, let them be disgraced,
            but let your servant celebrate!
    29 Let my accusers be dressed in shame;
        let them wear their disgrace like a coat.
    30 But I will give great thanks to the Lord with my mouth;
        among a great crowd I will praise God!
    31 Because God stands right next to the needy,
        to save them from any who would condemn them.