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  • Tobit 11

    Tobias returns to Nineveh

    11 When they approached Kaserin, which is across from Nineveh, Raphael said, “You know how we left your father. Let’s run ahead of your wife and get the house ready while the rest are coming.”

    So they both went on together, and Raphael said, “Get the gallbladder ready.” The dog came with them, still following behind.

    Now Anna was sitting down and watching the road that her son had taken. When she saw him coming, she said to her husband, “Look! Your son is coming, along with the man who went with him!”

    Before Tobias reached his father, Raphael said to him, “I know that his eyes will be opened. Smear the fish’s gall on his eyes. The medicine will make the white spots shrink and peel away from his eyes. Then your father will regain his sight and see the light.”

    Anna jumped up and embraced her son, saying, “I see you, my child! Now I’m ready to die.” She began to cry.

    Tobit’s blindness is healed

    10 Then Tobit rose and stumbled through the courtyard door. Tobias went to him 11 with the fish’s gallbladder in his hand. Tobias sprinkled some of the gall into his father’s eyes, saying, “Don’t be afraid, Father!” He poured out the medicine on him and applied it. 12-13 Then with both his hands, he peeled off the white spots from the corners of Tobit’s eyes.

    Tobit embraced him and began to cry, saying, “I see you, my child and light of my eyes! 14 May God be praised, and may his great name be praised, and may all his holy angels be praised forever! May his great name be upon us, and may all the angels be praised for all eternity! 15 Though he has disciplined me, look now! I see my son Tobias!”

    Then Tobit came in rejoicing and praising God at the top of his lungs. Tobias told his father that his trip had been successful: that he had brought the money; that he had taken Sarah, Raguel’s daughter, as his wife; and that, indeed, she was arriving and was near the gate of Nineveh.

    16 Then Tobit went out to meet Tobias’ bride at the gate of Nineveh, rejoicing and praising God. The people of Nineveh were amazed when they saw him walking and moving along with all his strength without anyone leading him by the hand. 17 Tobit declared to them that God had shown mercy on him and opened his eyes. Then Tobit approached Sarah, his son Tobias’ wife, and he blessed her, saying, “May you come in good health, my daughter; may your God who has brought you to us be praised. May your father be blessed, may my son Tobias be blessed, and may you be blessed, my daughter. Come into your house in good health, in blessing and joy. Come in, my daughter!”

    On this day joy came to all the Jews who were in Nineveh. 18 Ahikar and Nadab, Tobit’s nephews, were also there, rejoicing with Tobit. And Tobias’ wedding feast was celebrated joyfully for seven days.