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  • Isaiah 51:1-6

    Look to Abraham and Sarah

    51 Listen to me,
        you who look for righteousness,
        you who seek the Lord:
    Look to the rock from which you were cut
        and to the quarry where you were dug.
    Look to Abraham your ancestor,
        and to Sarah, who gave you birth.
    They were alone when I called them,
        but I blessed them and made them many.
    The Lord will comfort Zion;
        he will comfort all her ruins.
    He will make her desert like Eden
        and her wilderness like the Lord’s garden.
    Happiness and joy will be found in her—
        thanks and the sound of singing.

    Salvation endures forever

    Pay attention to me, my people;
        listen to me, my nation,
            for teaching will go out from me,
            my justice, as a light to the nations.
        I will quickly bring my victory.
    My salvation is on its way,
        and my arm will judge the peoples.
        The coastlands hope for me;
        they wait for my judgment.
    Look up to the heavens,
            and gaze at the earth beneath.
        The heavens will disappear like smoke,
        the earth will wear out like clothing,
        and its inhabitants will die like gnats.
    But my salvation will endure forever,
        and my righteousness will be unbroken.