For Retailers

The Common English Bible is a distinct publishing entity that produces Bibles and reference works for the Bible. The ISBN-13 prefix for the CEB is 978-160926. Click on the Bibles tab to review the different editions available.

The CEB partners with bookstores, online retailers, church supply vendors, and other companies and ministries to make the CEB available to individuals and churches around the world. The CEB is sold to these partners through its trade representative, Abingdon Press Trade Sales. CEB resources are also available from all major distributors.

Inquiries about the CEB―products, discounts and special offers, setting up an account, returns―should be directed to the Sales Representative for your area.

For Ministries

Ministry sales:

If your church or organization would like more information about how to create a custom edition of the Common English Bible, please contact

Pew Bible Planning and Funding Brochure:

If your church is considering the purchase of pew Bibles, we hope you will consider the CEB. Please revisit this site for information and advice for your church ministry team as you go through the process of selecting and funding a pew Bible purchase. CEB pew Bibles will be available from your preferred Christian store in Spring 2012 in a wide variety of styles, regular or large print, and several denominational logo imprints. Information about available pew Bible products will show on this web site soon.

Gift/Award Bible Selection:

Churches and other organizations give Bibles to members and participants for several different reasons. You have a choice among a wide variety of translations, styles, bindings, prices, and levels of quality. Here is some handy advice when selecting a gift Bible for an award to a deserving member or participant.

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  1. Baptism, dedication, and baby shower gifts.

    The CEB New Testament is available in SoftTouch pink, blue or white tiny testaments. The baby testaments are small and easily affordabe for individual — and case lot purchases. These Bibles can be given to couples at the baptism or dedication of a child. Great for baby showers.

  2. Wedding gift

    The CEB Wedding New Testament, in SoftTouch white, is available now. Makes a great gift—from the pastor to the bride and groom, for the bride to carry down the aisle with her flowers, or from the bride and groom to the wedding party. Also perfect for wedding showers.

  3. Sunday school promotion gifts

    Most churches give a Bible to a child in Sunday school when they are ready to learn about why the Bible is so important to the formation of the Christian life. For many children this stage occurs in the third grade. At this point the teacher or director of children's ministries has several choices that are based on durability of the binding, the image offered by the cover, the preferred or traditional translation, and the study helps that are bound in with the biblical text. Many persons fondly remember receiving such a Bible as a child, sometimes stamped with their name, and many still have those first Bibles.

    The translators of the Common English Bible encourage teachers of children to consider whether the gift of a first Bible will actually be read and is accessible enough to the child who is about to embark on the life-long devotional and learning experience with this core sacred text. The Common English Bible was translated with this purpose, so that our children and grandchildren will benefit from meditation and study of the Bible. Gift Bibles in several styles and bindings will be available soon after the full translation is complete. A children's study Bible is already in development and will be available in the fall of 2012.

  4. Vacation Bible School awards

    Vacation Bible School is an excellent time to help children and youth memorize scripture. That's how some of the translators became scholars of the Bible. Reward young scripture scholars with a copy of the Common English Bible. Other VBS students like to bring their friends. Considering the gift of a Bible to those who bring two or more friends to VBS and you will encourage a lifelong desire to share the faith.

  5. Student and graduation gifts

    Graduation is known as commencement because it is time to move into a new stage of life, and because the most successful people are those who continue their learning. Encourage the graduates in your life with the gift of a Bible because there is no better time to emphasize the love of God and the knowledge of God. With each season, more colors, bindings and custom offerings to suit students of all kinds will be available.