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  • Jeremiah 4:11-12

    11 At that time, this people and Jerusalem will be told:
    A blistering wind from the bare heights;
        it rages in the desert toward my people,
            not merely to winnow or cleanse.
    12     This wind is too devastating for that.
    Now I, even I, will pronounce my sentence against them.

  • Jeremiah 4:22-28

    22 My people are foolish.
        They don’t even know me!
    They are thoughtless children
        without understanding;
            they are skilled at doing wrong,
            inept at doing right.
    23 I looked at the earth,
        and it was without shape or form;
            at the heavens
            and there was no light.
    24 I looked at the mountains
        and they were quaking;
        all the hills were rocking back and forth.
    25 I looked and there was no one left;
        every bird in the sky had taken flight.
    26 I looked and the fertile land was a desert;
        all its towns were in ruins
            before the Lord,
            before his fury.
    27 The Lord proclaims:
        The whole earth will become a desolation,
            but I will not destroy it completely.
    28 Therefore, the earth will grieve
        and the heavens grow dark
            because I have declared my plan
            and will neither change my mind
                nor cancel the plan.