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  • Job 34

    34 Elihu continued:

    Hear my words, wise ones;
            knowledgeable ones, listen to me,
        for the ear tests words
            like the palate tastes food.
    Let’s choose for us what’s right;
        let’s determine among ourselves what’s good;
        for Job has said, “I’m innocent;
            God has denied my just cause;
        because of my cause I’m thought a liar;
            my wound from an arrow is incurable, even though I didn’t rebel.”
    Who is a man like Job?
        He drinks mockery like water
        and travels a path with wrongdoers,
            walking with evil persons.
    Indeed he said, “No one is rewarded
        for delighting in God.”
    10 Therefore, intelligent ones, hear me;
        far be it from God to do evil
        and the Almighty to sin,
    11     for he repays people based on what they do,
            paying back everyone according to their ways.
    12 Surely God doesn’t act wickedly;
        the Almighty doesn’t distort justice.
    13 Who placed earth in his care,
        and who gave him dominion over the entire world?
    14 If he were to decide to do it—
        to gather his spirit and breath back to himself—
    15         all flesh would die together,
            and humans would return to dust.

    16 But if you have understanding, hear this;
        pay attention to the sound of my words.
    17 Will one who hates justice rule;
        will you condemn the most righteous one?
    18 Will you say to a king, “Worthless!”
        to royalty, “Evil!”
    19 Who shows no favor to princes
            nor regards the rich over the poor,
        for they are all the work of God’s hands?
    20     In the middle of the night they suddenly die;
            people are shaken and pass away.
        The mighty are removed, not by a human hand.
    21 God’s eyes are on human ways,
        and he sees all their steps.
    22 There’s no darkness, no deep darkness,
        where evildoers can hide themselves;
    23     surely no time is set for a person
        to appear before God in judgment.
    24 He shatters the mighty without examining them;
        makes others take their place.
    25 Thus he regards their deeds,
        overturns them at night, and they are crushed.
    26 He strikes them because of their wickedness
        at a place where people can see it.
    27 Because they turned from following him
            and didn’t value all his ways,
    28         causing the cry of the poor to reach him,
        he hears the cry of the afflicted.
    29 Still, if he remains quiet, who can condemn;
        if he hides his face, who can see him?
    30 He prevents a lawless person from ruling,
        from capturing people.

    31 Has Job said to God,
        “I have borne punishment; I won’t sin again?
    32 You teach me what I can’t see;
        if I’ve sinned, I won’t do it again.”
    33 Will he repay you because you reject sin,
        for you must choose, not I;
        declare what you know.
    34 Smart people say to me,
            the wise who hear me,
    35     “Job speaks without knowledge;
            his words aren’t astute.”
    36 I wish Job would be tested to the limit
        because he responds like evil people.
    37 He adds rebellion to his sin;
        mocks us openly
        and adds to his words against God.