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  • Psalm 144

    Psalm 144

    Of David.

    144 Bless the Lord, my rock,
        who taught my hands how to fight,
        who taught my fingers how to do battle!
    God is my loyal one, my fortress,
        my place of safety, my rescuer,
        my shield, in whom I take refuge,
            and the one who subdues people before me.

    What are human beings, Lord, that you know them at all?
        What are human beings that you even consider them?
    Humans are like a puff of air;
        their days go by like a shadow.

    Lord, part your skies and come down!
        Touch the mountains so they smoke!
    Flash lightning and scatter the enemy!
        Shoot your arrows and defeat them!
    Stretch out your hand from above!
        Rescue me and deliver me from deep water,
        from the power of strangers, whose mouths speak lies,
            and whose strong hand is a strong hand of deception!

    I will sing a new song to you, God.
        I will sing praises to you on a ten-stringed harp,
    10         to you—the one who gives saving help to rulers,
            and who rescues his servant David from the evil sword.
    11 Rescue me and deliver me from the power of strangers,
            whose mouths speak lies,
            and whose strong hand is a strong hand of deception,
    12     so that our sons can grow up fully, in their youth, like plants;
        so that our daughters can be like pillars carved to decorate a palace;
    13     so that our barns can be full, providing all kinds of food;
        so that our flocks can be in the thousands—
            even tens of thousands—in our fields;
    14     so that our cattle can be loaded with calves;
        so that there won’t be any breach in the walls,
        no exile, no outcries in our streets!

    15 The people who have it like this are truly happy!
        The people whose God is the Lord are truly happy!