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  • Hebrews 1:5-12

    Speaking to the Son and angels

    After all, when did God ever say to any of the angels:

    You are my Son.
            Today I have become your Father?

    Or, even,

    I will be his Father,
            and he will be my Son?

    But then, when he brought his firstborn into the world, he said,

    All of God’s angels must worship him.

    He talks about the angels:

    He’s the one who uses the spirits for his messengers
            and who uses flames of fire as ministers.

    But he says to his Son,

    God, your throne is forever
            and your kingdom’s scepter is a rod of justice.
    You loved righteousness and hated lawless behavior.
            That is why God, your God,
            has anointed you more than your companions with the oil of joy.

    10 And he says,

    You, Lord, laid the earth’s foundations in the beginning,
            and the heavens are made by your hands.
    11 They will pass away,
            but you remain.
    They will all wear out like old clothes.
    12         You will fold them up like a coat.
    They will be changed like a person changes clothes,
            but you stay the same,
            and the years of your life won’t come to an end.