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  • Hebrews 2:5-12

    Jesus is the enthroned human being

    God didn’t put the world that is coming (the world we are talking about) under the angels’ control. Instead, someone declared somewhere,

    What is humanity that you think about them?
            Or what are the human beings that you care about them?
    For a while you made them lower than angels.
            You crowned the human beings with glory and honor.
            You put everything under their control.

    When he puts everything under their control, he doesn’t leave anything out of control. But right now, we don’t see everything under their control yet. However, we do see the one who was made lower in order than the angels for a little while—it’s Jesus! He’s the one who is now crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of his death. He suffered death so that he could taste death for everyone through God’s grace.

    Qualified to be a high priest

    10 It was appropriate for God, for whom and through whom everything exists, to use experiences of suffering to make perfect the pioneer of salvation. This salvation belongs to many sons and daughters whom he’s leading to glory. 11 This is because the one who makes people holy and the people who are being made holy all come from one source. That is why Jesus isn’t ashamed to call them brothers and sisters when he says,

    12 I will publicly announce your name to my brothers and sisters.
            I will praise you in the middle of the assembly.